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College Campus LifeWhen you are getting ready to attend college and have made the decision to stay on campus, you will experience a totally different lifestyle.  You will move from being dependent on your parents to living independently with the freedom to make your own choices without the daily discipline from Mom and Dad.  Along with this freedom comes consequences, both good and bad, depending upon the choices you actually make.  It is important that you know what to expect with your new life style so that you know what to expect with your new lifestyle so that you can maneuver through all the distractions and remain focused on your purpose – to graduate college.

Social Life

College Student ActivitiesEngaging in social activities on campus is a good way to keep a healthy balance and reduce stress.  They also help students develop leadership skills make meaningful contributions to the community and support a well-rounded college life experience.  However, it is equally important that you choose activities that will help you achieve your goals as well as help you develop friendships and learn new things about yourself and the world around you.  student activities should be structured and positive in nature. Hanging out with friends is ok, but there needs to be a thoughtful balance. Additionally, hanging out with students who do not make their studies the focus of their campus life probably won’t help you to do well. Choose people, places and activities that remind you that your taking yourself on a progressive journey toward your goals. Remember, campus life allows you a new freedom – to make day-to-day choices without the guidance of your parents. Stay true to your moral compass and you make your choices wisely.  Check your student handbook and with the Student Life office to see what student activities are available and ensure that most of your time is utilized by progressive and positive activities.

Balancing A Work Schedule While You Are In College

The expenses you incur in college may not all be paid by financial aid.  This is especially true for basic needs such as personal items, clothing, food and transportation.  The reality is that you may have to work a job while you are attending college.  If this is the case, please remember that nothing should disrupt your studies.  Work activities need to be managed so that you have time to attend classes, study and get the rest you will need to endure this journey.

College Student WorkingThe best way to start your work schedule is slowly, ease into it little by little.  Start out with a few hours and see how you manage those hours.  As you become a better student and time manager, you can increase your hours to help earn a little more money.  While you are building your work schedule, manage your money wisely as well.  This will help because you will need to work less hours. Set up a daily routine according to your classes each semester and stick to it. Remember to be kind to yourself; focus on your studies above all else. Eat properly, get your rest and spend less so you can work less. These wise practices and sacrifices will pay off in the end.

Study Hard – The Reason You Are In College

You are in college to study above everything else.  It is critical that you build good study habits and become married to them.  Twelve to 15 hours of study per week is the standard to obtain favorable grades.  To achieve this schedule, you must plan it.  Once the plan is in place, you will need to develop study skills to help you maximize the time you spend hitting the books.

Good Study HabitsDon’t procrastinate and try to cram in study at that last minute.  The stressfulness of failure will
not allow your study time to be productive.  Try to study between classes.  Plan your study time routinely.  When possible, study the same time each day.  Carve out specific times to study and use a timer to ensure you fully participate during your study time.

Finally, develop the skills that help you succeed at your course work such as listening techniques, taking notes, time management, and focused concentration.  Develop these skills early in your college life and getting good grades will be the result.  You can learn more about developing these skills at How To Study, a website created for college students.