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Live Speaking Events

Our objective is to reach as many students and adult learners as possible and provide them the information they need to enjoy higher education and better careers.  We are available to visit your location and speak to your group on any of the topics listed below.  Or, if you choose, we can create a one hour, half-day for full-day program on topics that you feel would provide the most value.  Give me a call today so we can discuss equipping your group for future success.

Collegiate Career Counseling

Here at Pathway to College we help you make the most informed discussion about your future. We offer the following guidance:

College Preparedness Sessions

The objective of the College Preparedness sessions is to start nailing down your College options and to prepare you for a series of events that will need to take place to ensure College Entrance.

  • Grades
  • Essays
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • College Research

College Admissions Guidance

Once you have chosen your college or university, the task of admissions still remains. we will help guide you through the requirements of the potential school, testing requirements, admission deadlines, and course catalogs.

College Financial Guidance

Financial Aid can make the difference between graduating from college “debt free” verses graduating with tens of thousands of dollars in debt. There are three main types of Financial Aid you should be know about:

  1. Loans that will need to be repaid
  2. Work Study
  3. Grants and Scholarships

We will guide you to the Loans, Grants, and Scholarships you are qualified for.

Campus Visits

We offer Personal Campus Visits with the student. The purpose of this is to ask questions the student and/or Parent or Guardian may not know to ask. We will spend the day making sure all school requirements are satisfied for the school and if questions or task cannot be rectified during the visit, you will have the information to complete them.

Resume Writing

Did you know that your resume can be disqualified by a computer and never reach the hand of a human.  This is a system that employers are now using to handle the large amount of resumes they receive for just one position.  But we have the strategy that helps you not only get noticed, but get the interview.

Strategic Interview Techniques

You never can prepare too much for an all important interview.  If by chance your are granted one, you will need to know all the ways you will need to perform during the initial interview to warrent a second interview and a job offer.  Get the interview coaching you need to navigate the variety of questions you never thought you would be asked.  This service is available to students seeking their first part time job, graduates looking to land a career position and professionsl who have not interviewed in a while.

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